7 Styles for the “Styliy” Guy because sometimes they need all the help they can get


  1. Casual Fridays Style 

A t-shirt or relaxed fit polo paired with jeans whispers cool, calm and relaxed. Play around with color and fit. He can pair with a blazer for a more semi-formal look. Do you recognize the model pictured by the way? 



  1. Taking Over the World Style 

Every guy needs a ‘sharp-guy’ go-to outfit, whether he’s a corporate or a creative type. Color and cut must be a priority–get those down and the rest will follow. Designers like Kenyan fashion label, Blackbird Designs already do most of the work for him.



  1. Geek Chic Style 

He’ll look like he could either effortlessly crunch a whole bunch of numbers or manage 12 libraries in one day by pairing a plaid or striped button-down with fitted jeans, and thick framed glasses to complete the look. It may be nerdy, but it also says ‘I got this.’


  1. Jet-Setter Style 

Some call it exotic, others eclectic, some say global. Regardless he’ll look like the international tycoon he is by wearing outfits with a fusion of cultural blends. He can keep people guessing where he picked it up too (even though we know it’s from McMeka).


  1. Extra Coat-ed Style 

Topping any outfit off with that one fashionable top-layer–blazer, jacket, sports coat–could make a fashion statement, while still looking like he’s made little effort (in a good way). When traveling to the colder regions, he can keep style at his fingertips with a look like this one.



  1. Bold and Printed Style 

Prints, colors, and patterns are making their mark on every fashion lover’s heart…and men’s suits. Men, don’t feel afraid of leaving your mark, with this style.  It’s a statement that could be a little loud for fancy events, but it will definitely get you noticed if that’s what you’re going for.

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  1. Super Star Style

Who wouldn’t like a little ‘lights, camera, action?’ Guys, you can take this flashy approach by pairing a wildly printed top with stunner shades – but only in Miami. 


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