Barbie in Flats: Women’s Body Positivity

A girl never forgets her Barbie dolls! I specifically remember attempting to give mine nice curly hair, putting her hair in tiny rollers and placing her directly under a light bulb acting as a hairdryer. I basically melted her entire head off (truly tragic experience. I’m still scarred). But before her unfortunate demise, we had great times!
Dressing my Barbie up was the best part of the experience because I got to live vicariously through her trendiness and general fabulousness. Nice dresses, short skirts, and oh the heels! I might have dreamed of having my feet look fabulous in a pair of 4-inches then, but that has changed massively over the years. Now, I’m as close to the ground as possible! I couldn’t quite relate with her choice of footwear anymore, so along with other factors, such as the fact that I began to notice how different her skin color was from mine, we grew apart.
So imagine my surprise when I heard Barbie would officially be getting her first pair of flat shoes! For the last five decades, Barbie dolls all over the world have been stuck in high heels (even their feet are designed to point downward). All that is about to change because a new set of dolls is being released, with regular-angled feet and practical flats! Because, in all honesty, what real woman wears heels 24/7?


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A midi skirt and sensible flats make the perfect uptown look for a gal on-the-go! 💜 #barbie #barbiestyle

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The new Barbie will have the option of wearing Mary Jane flats or gladiator sandals instead of high boots and stilettos!
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