Three Embarrassing AF Skin Problems We All Are Ashamed To Admit

It’s natural to be a little hesitant to bring up back acne and eczema at the office party or dinner table, but you are not alone! We have all had, at one time or another, skin problems that we feel too awkward talking about. Here are a few of the most common (and what you can do about them!).

1. Dark underarms

Most of us have ’em; a lot of us endure the pain of feeling like we can work sleeveless tops; some of us would much rather do without them. Frequent shaving or an accumulation of dead skin cells can cause dark underarms. This can be resolved by using a whitening scrub (for sensitive skin), or rubbing the underarm skin with thinly sliced potatoes, for quicker results. You could also consider waxing or laser treatment, instead of shaving, to remove underarm hair.

2. Bum acne

Never heard of it? That means you’re one of the lucky ones! As strange as it may seem, acne on the buttocks is a fairly common skin issue. An easy way to get rid of it is to use a body wash that contains salicylic acid; this will help prevent acne from reappearing. For the existing spots, gently exfoliate with a scrub to rid your bum skin of dead cells.

3. Cracked heels

How often do you see a good-looking woman in a gorgeous pair of shoes, only to take a peek at the back and see the dreaded cracked heel? It’s usually caused by dry skin or prolonged hours on your feet, but taking good care of your feet can help get rid of this problem. Rub a mixture of Vaseline petroleum jelly and lemon juice over the affected area, and leave overnight for your skin to absorb. Repeat for a few days, and your heels should be softer and free from cracks!
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