Former Civil Trial Lawyer Invented World’s Best Pair of Boots

Suzanne Solsona was at the top of her game, as a successful civil trial lawyer and a passionate photographer. But her biggest success came after she decided to become a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur.

Frustrated with all the heavy, clunky boots (for kids) on the market, she decided to create one pair of all-weather footwear to rule them all. With MYMAYU, wearing boots no longer means a stiff and uncomfortable experience. Their patented design makes these the most versatile, comfortable, lightweight and compact boots you’ll ever find.

How innovative is her design? Her husband Javier, who also works in film, has signed on as a co-founder. Plus her boots snagged a deal on the TV show Dragon’s Den and major retailers are asking to set up meetings.

What’s next? Suzanne has decided to take her original MYMAYU boots idea for kids and make it available for adults too. Now big “kids” can get in on the fun too!



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