Four Unwritten Spa Etiquette Rules

Getting a spa treatment is one of the most relaxing ways to de-stress, unwind or just indulge yourself and your body. But there are unsaid rules that nobody really tells you about until you break one of them, so follow these rules so you and everybody else can enjoy their time unwinding.

Rule 1: Keep your phone silent

No one wants to be that girl whose phone goes off during a relaxing and soothing massage. It’s supposed to be your unwinding time, so keep your phones quiet (or off, if you’re one of the brave ones) and enjoy it!

Rule 2: Communicate

Before you lay face down and semi-naked on that massage table, it’s important to let the spa service know your preferences. This will help guide your esthetician, and you’re more likely to have a satisfying experience and go home happy.

Rule 3: Tip smartly

The spa may have its own policies on tipping, but a standard tip is about 20% of the cost of your services. Ensure you are not coerced into giving more than you should or want to.

Rule 4: Don’t come in ill

You’re more likely to spread the germs or bug around, as you will be in close proximity with the estheticians and fellow spa-goers. You might want that mud bath badly, but be considerate!
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